A Case of Visionary Kiwi Ingenuity.

Bill Rush – From Bill To Bank is a New Zealand fintech start-up established in 2019 by Shaun Forgie and Roger Parkinson both of whom have been involved in the IT industry for more than quarter of a century. The Bill Rush team have been quitely working away for the past three years on developing a next generation customer billing and settlement system that they believe will become a core business technology around which organisations can build better businesses that are more resilient, robust and easier to operate and grow . 

While offering compelling efficiency and cost savings advantages to organisations around traditional billing and payment processing the Bill Rush platform provides a gateway into a new world of hyper connected business that can collaborate in real-time via application programming interfaces and data consents. The vision behind the platform is to enable the first real world implementation of what Bill Rush term a “Revenue Ecosystem” that seemlessly integrates the capabilities of open banking and open finance providers into the core revenue operations workflows of Bill Rush tenants. The key has been to enable dynamic participation, centered around the core billing process, between Financial Service Providers and Billers such that revenue ecosystems become more transparent, easier to establsh, and more beneficial to all participants.

Open banking and open finance initiatives allow for data to be shared via a consent which is issued by an information provider and authorised and controlled by the information owner. Bill Rush will use these consents to facilitate the exchange of money between participants in a given Revenue Ecosystem context. Invoices can be factored and funded as requried. Cashflows can be more efficiently managed. Its a win win win scenario. Transactions between Banks, Finance Providers, Insurance Providers, Billers and Customers can be completed without human involvement.